ADDED MARCH 2020, KOSHER WINES. Our quest for a few moderately priced but exceptional quality KOSHER wines led us to 2 new suppliers. hopefully next seasons choices will arrive earlier in the year and with a larger range to choose from. Buyers should be aware that good & great Bordeaux reds are always in limited supply. When we find a great vintage, we try to put a "RESERVE" on an additional quantity that we can buy to have continuity on that wine. Unfortunately this is not always possible and we run out of some wines. If you find a wine you like, we suggest you re-order as soon as possible so you can have a bit more available later on. When we run out of a wine, it's usually "gone forever". We have a few winemakers who continue to make great wines year after year, but not all winemakers can do it. That's one of the reasons our range changes every year.

As of DECEMBER 20, 2019, we have 36 GREAT Bordeaux Reds in Stock. (Thee were over 50 in December, but smart winelovers have been snapping them up.)