CHABLIS GRAND CRU "Les Clos" Domaine Long-Depaquit 2017 - ALBERT BICHOT

CHABLIS GRAND CRU "Les Clos" Domaine Long-Depaquit 2017 - ALBERT BICHOT

100% Chardonnay - Chablis Grand Cru - The Very Best Classification of Chablis. (Subtly Oaked) “Les Clos”, the biggest of the Chablis Grand Cru vineyards, is located in it's southeast sector. Albert Bichot is privileged to own two vineyards here, with a total of almost 4 acres, this allows them to blend grapes with two very different yet complementary profiles. The first vineyard is located at mid-slope and benefits from slightly higher temperatures than the second, which is located at the top of the slope, protected from the north winds by the nearby forest. The two plots once again reveal that Burgundy is the kingdom of "Terroirs". The first plot at mid-slope generally provides deeper, richer, fleshier wines whereas the second plot produces wines with greater acidity and tension. It is the blending of the two that lends our "Les Clos" all of its complexity. Nicely Oaked for perfect Chablis roundness.

Tasting: The differences between their two plots can be detected throughout the tasting experience. The nose skilfully combines floral notes from the higher of the two plots with almond and hazelnut notes from the mid-slope vineyard. The palate is full-bodied and structured with pleasing acidity that is not overpowering. -- The well-balanced fullness of "Les Clos" is such that it may be enjoyed with a wide range of dishes. Classically, it can accompany seafood or fine white meats. Its characteristics are an equally good match for slightly spicy dishes. Serve between 11 and 13°C (52°F - 55°F). This wine may be laid down for approximately 15 years.