"Due to COVID -19 safety measures we are taking we are unable to collect these wines for sale. Once things are back on track we will reach out to the owners of these wines and make them available for sale again."

Thank you for your understanding. **** Due to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017, All items may not be available ****

** Inventory is kept up to date as much as possible **

Rare & Collectable Wines are available in very limited quantities and must be pre-ordered for availability of between a few days to about 1 week. Please call to determine when your order can be available. Click on the picture for a LARGER more detailed image.


That NONE of these wines are part of the "PROSSER" wine stocks or auction on St. Croix. All wines have been properly stored in air-conditioned humidity controlled wine cellars on St. Thomas, and are presently stored in the same locations, inspection available by appointment.

*** Check or cash only are requested as payment for these items as we are acting as consultants. Not owners of the wines.